Lindu river



About 25 kilometers on Simi Simi road from Kisangani, the famed city of Heart of Darkness and A Bend by the River. It’s a crossing place, important due to general absence of bridges in DRC. A small market place, where one can find people trading fish. A ferry service can take people, vehicles and bikes, etc across. The service runs on a schedule, usually every hour from 0830 to 1830 hours, taking 30 minutes for one-sided trip including loading and unloading. Boats, cut out from long wooden logs, are more frequently used for carriage of people, bikes and commodities. Great sight of thick unbroken screen of jungle lining the river, although such a sight becomes monotonous in Kisangani. A small island can also be seen here. Fun to watch wooden-log boats for an occasional race, amid loud cheering from the shores.


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